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help icio // Analysis of Inter-Country Input-Output tables


Version 1.1.5 - 16jan2018, beta release


icio allows the analysis of trade in value-added and countries' participation in GVCs, exploiting the Inter-Country Input-Output tables, such as TIVA and WIOD.

It computes countries' value-added in foreign or domestic final demand, also at the sectoral level, the Koopman, Wang and Wei (2014) aggregate decomposition of exports and the Borin and Mancini (2017) bilateral and bilateral-sectoral export decomposition.

A variety of outputs can be obtained using the output() option. Of special note is that the command is flexible enough to be used with user-provided ICIO tables.

It also allows to work with user-defined groups of countries, that is by considering a particular decomposition or output for the "South Europe" or the "Euro area" group of countries (see the option groups() for more details on the groups specification).

In order to facilitate its usability, a Stata dialog is included in the package.


ssc install icio, replace


  • Borin, A., and M. Mancini (2017). Follow the value-added: tracking bilateral relations in Global Value Chains. MPRA Working Paper, No. 82692.

  • Koopman, R., Z. Wang and S. Wei (2014). Tracing Value-Added and Double Counting in Gross Exports. American Economic Review, 104(2), 459-94.

  • Timmer, M. P., Dietzenbacher, E., Los, B., Stehrer, R. and de Vries, G. J. (2015). An Illustrated User Guide to the World Input-Output Database: the Case of Global Automotive Production. Review of International Economics, 23, 575–605.


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